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You can sort object search results by Collection, eHive Catalogue Type, Institution/Account, Maker, Name/Title, Object Type, Place Made, Portfolio Title, Series Title and Taxonomic Classification. The Sort Records option is a link in the Tools section. 

When you are ready to sort your search results click on the Sort Records link and a drop down box will appear.  Select the field you would like to sort by and click on the Sort button.  You can change the display from ascending to descending order by clicking on the A...Z button to the right of the drop down box and clicking on the Sort button again.  If you want to reset your results so that they display in their original order, just select the blank line in the drop down box and click the Sort button.

There are also further sort options available for sorting your own records when you are logged in. These further sort options are:

Collection Type
Condition Keyword
Controlling Institution
Current Location
Latest Valuation
Legal or Ownership Status
Record Status
Object Number
Portfolio Title
Series Title
Taxonomic Classification

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