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Publishing content in eHive

Whenever you create a record in eHive, you have the option of publishing it or keeping it private and within your own account.  As an account holder, you decide on what content you want to publish and what content you want to remain private. By publishing a record you are making it available for all account holders and visitors of (eHive 'users') to view.  This means that it is your responsibility to ascertain whether or not 

  • you have the right to make the content available on eHive
  • you are infringing copyright

Published material is subject to copyright. Therefore it is important to know in advance whether you need to protect your own work with a copyright statement, or research the copyright ownership of your published content. 

Account holders and users are also solely responsible for the consequences that may arise from publishing content for which they do not own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to use.  If you have any questions regarding copyright, please refer to our Terms and Conditions which is located in the footer of any eHive page.  If you have a copyright complaint, click on the copyright claims link from the footer of any page in eHive.

For help on creating records to publish, please see the help topic Creating, viewing and editing records.

Posting content in eHive

Posting content refers to eHive account holders and users posting a comment or tag.  As an account holder, you can specify who you would like to be able to post comments and/or tags relating to your records.  You can allow tagging and comments from your account only, or by other eHive account holders, or any eHive user.  This is a setting you can change at any time.  

Comments can be added by account holders and users when a record is in its 'detail view' format, and will be able to be viewed by anyone who views that record in the detail view.  If you are an account holder, the comment will be accompanied by your ‘preferred display name’ from your eHive account profile details.  If you are not an account holder, you can type in the name you would like to appear alongside your comment.

Tags will not be accompanied by a name, and will be viewable to all who view the record in the detail view.  Commonly created tags will also appear in tag clouds on the Explore page.  

Ehive users will be required to complete a security word recognition test when posting a tag or comment.  This protects against content being posted automatically by a Spambot.

For more information on tagging, adding comments, and your settings, please see the help topic Your Preferences.

Offensive content

Posted and Published content that is considered abusive, defamatory, unlawful, obscene, harmful, invasive of another's privacy or libellous will be removed at the discretion of Vernon Systems Ltd.  More details may be found in our Terms and Conditions.  If you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions your account may be suspended or closed, and content removed. 

If comments have been posted on your records that you do not wish to be there, there is a delete function that is available when you are signed in.  If tags have been posted on your records that you do not wish to be there, you can delete them by clicking on the [X] beside the tag.

Privacy and security

Content that you do not select to be published in eHive will be treated by Vernon Systems Ltd as confidential.  For more information on privacy and security with regard to publishing and posting content, please refer to the Terms and Conditions

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