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Each object in your collection may have been in multiple locations over time. The eHive Location History fields allow you to record multiple sets of location details over time, with a separate field noting the current location.


Locations in eHive

There are two sections for location information in the eHive Detail tab.

Location History

The Location History section allows you to enter detailed Location information:

  • Location History
  • Location History Date
  • Location History Notes

Use this section if you wish to enter more information about a location the object has been in, rather than just the current location. This could include the date the object was in the location.

You can add details of multiple locations the object has been in by clicking the 'Add another Set' button at the bottom of the Location History section. This allows you to store details about changes in the location of objects over time.

Current Location

The Current Location field on the Detail tab has two functions:

  1. You can enter the current location of the object directly in this field if you know only the current location, but no other information.
  2. eHive will enter the current location in these field from the data you have entered in the Location History section.

Calculating the Current Location

Please note that eHive does not automatically calculate the object's current locations. When you enter a new set of location history details in the Location History section, you must decide if the new location (in the Location History term list field) should also update the Current Location field.

You will be prompted: 'Do you want to update the Current Location?'

If the location you have entered is the current location of the object, then choose 'Yes' to update the Current Location field.

General Location Notes

You can also record general notes about the location of the object.

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