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eHive accounts are available on an annual subscription basis covering use of the software, storage and ongoing development. The amount of storage you use determines the level you need to purchase.  Additional storage is available beyond Level 4.

Storage space (based on image files) Estimated number of web sized images Ongoing development of new functions Public access functions Software hosting Server hardware for ehive.com One year licence (total cost) Five year licence (total cost)
Free Account 50 Mb, 5000 object limit 200 yes yes yes yes Free Free
Level 1 500 Mb 2,000 yes yes yes yes US$99 US$450
Level 2 1Gb 4,000 yes yes yes yes US$200 US$900
Level 3 5 Gb 20,000 yes yes yes yes US$400 US$1,800
Level 4 25 Gb 100,000 yes yes yes yes US$800 US$3,500

Please note that all prices are exclusive of taxes.

For information about upgrading and renewing your account go to Upgrading and Renewing Your Account.

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