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There are a number of different fields in the Create screens of eHive.  Each behaves in different ways and will accept different types of data. 


Alphabetic listing of all object fields available in eHive

Fields A-G

Fields H-P

Fields R-Z

Types of Fields

Text fields

Text fields are for free text data about the object you are cataloguing.  Free text means you can type anything and the database will accept it.  It is therefore important to make sure everything is spelled correctly.

Some fields are unlimited text fields which will take free text with no limit on the number of words or characters you can use.  Some of the unlimited text fields in eHive are Brief Description, Public Description (About this object) and most notes fields.

Date fields

You can record either precise dates or imprecise dates in a date field.

Precise date means the exact date including day, month and year.  An imprecise date could be less exact such as just a year or a month and year.  You can use both text and numbers.

Number fields

You can only record numbers in these fields. Any information about currency can be recorded in an associated notes field.  We will be building specialised currency functions alondgside any appropriate number fields as part of our future development schedule.

Authority fields or Pick lists

Authority fields appear as pick lists in eHive.  If you see a button next to the field that reads Edit Term Pick List, then this field is an Authority field. 

To add terms to the pick list click on the Edit Term Pick List button.  A small window entitled Pick List Editor will open. Type the name of the new term in the New Term box and click on the Add button.  Once you have added the new term(s) to the pick list click on the Save button. 

To select the term for data entry click on the down arrow to the right of the field and click your mouse on the term you would like to select.

Multi-valued fields

A multi-valued field means a field where more than one entry can be made.  When you see the  Add Another Line button next to a field this means you can add another line of data to this field. 

Using existing thesauri in eHive

Vernon Systems are investigating using existing thesaurii within eHive, including Getty Research's Art and Architecture Thesaurus.

Taonga Maori Thesaurus

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