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The simplest way to create a page is to create a link to it, this is done by adding the name of the page surrounded by two sqare brackets to an existing page.

ie. [[Some Page]]

In the WYSIWYG editor a link can be created by clicking on the Insert/Edit Link button.

New Page



Sections within a page are created by surrounding the Section Heading in two equals signs (==) or by applying Format: Heading 2 to a piece of text in the WYSIWYG editor.

ie. ==Section Heading==

Once there are more than 4 sections on a page a Table of Contents will automatically be generated at the top of the page.

Sub Sections

A sub section is created by surrounding the Sub Section Heading in three equals signs (===) or by applying Format: Heading 3 to a piece of text in the WYSIWYG editor.

ie. ===Sub Sections===

Sub sections are also included in the generated table of contents, as are sub-sub sections which can be created with four equals signs.

Sub-Sub Section

This is as far as this article will explore sub sections.


As long as a user has permission there will be an edit tab at the top of article and edit links next to each section. Clicking the link above an article will edit the whole article whereas clicking an edit link next to a section title will only edit that section.How to edit a wiki page on Wikipedia has a detailed description of wiki markup and what it looks like.


This is the contents of a Template. A template can be included in many pages that require the same block of text, as the template is included into the page when it is renderred making a change to the template will cascade onto every page that includes it.

The above text was included into this page by inserting the name of the template surrounded by two curly braces ie. {{Test Template}}. Templates can also be inserted in the WYSIWYG editor by clicking on the Insert/Edit Template button.


Images can be uploaded to the wiki at the [Special:Upload upload] page. Once you have an image uploaded it can be included on a page by using a tag like [[Image:Name_of_image.jpg]] or by clicking Edit/Insert Image in the WYSIWYG editor.

The image on the right is included with [[Image:Sunset tender.jpg|thumb|right|Sunset]]. The thumb tells Mediawiki to resize it to a thumbnail, the word right means align to the right and the word Sunset specifies the caption.

Text Formatting

The standard bold, italic, and underline buttons are available in the WYSIWYG editor, these can be combined just like you would in Word. Bold italicised underlined.


Column1 Column2
1 2
3 4

The easiest way to create tables is with the Insert/Edit Table button in the WYSIWYG editor, the dialog this opens has settings for most properties of the table. Mediawiki can also include tables written with HTML markup, more information can be found in Wikipedias table help section.

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