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What is the forum for?

The eHive user forum is a place for anyone who interacts with eHive to converse with other users of eHive.  It is a place to share and discuss ideas, post questions and receive feedback and information from other users of eHive. It is also a way for staff at Vernon Systems to post helpful information and announcements of new features to eHive users.

How do I sign up to the forum?

Signing up to the user forum is easy, and you do not have to be an account holder in eHive to do so.

On the main page of the forum there is a 'Register' button in the top right hand corner of the screen.  You will be prompted to read and accept the terms and conditions for using the eHive forum, asked to choose a username and password and to provide a current email address.  You can then submit your form.  Your submission will be viewed by our forum administrator before it is accepted, so there may be a slight delay until you are registered.  This is to prevent spammers from joining the forum.

eHive forum rules

Be courteous.  This forum is a place for sharing and receiving knowledge.  Any content that is considered unlawful, abusive, defamatory, obscene, harmful, invasive of another’s privacy or libellous will be removed at the discretion of the forum administrator.  If you find any posts on the eHive forum to be of concern, please let us know via

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