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Deactivating your account means that you will no longer be able to sign in to eHive and you will be closing the account for your collection or organisation. If you deactivate your account, all private and public content relating to your account will be removed from eHive and any of the communities you belong to.  Vernon Systems will hold the data for a set amount of time, to protect against any mistaken closures and potential loss of your data.  If you would like to close your account, contact us via

If you want to keep your account active, but you don’t want to be the administrator, you can change the information on the Your Details page.
Sign in to eHive, and click on the Edit Your Profile button. Select Your Details, and enter the details for the new administrator of the account. It is important to remember that if you remove yourself as the administrator of the account, you will only have access to the public content on eHive.

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