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Object records

There are seven types of Create Screens for Object records. Each is tailored to suit one of these object categories;  Art, History, Natural Science, Archives, Photography and Multimedia, Library and Archaeology.  Depending on what kind of object you are cataloguing you can select which of these tailored screens to use.  Within the seven types of create screens there are three tabs of additional data entry fields.  The tabs are entitled Administration, Acquisition and Conservation. 

For information on the different types of fields, please read our information on field types.  Please read the overview on creating and editing records for further details on cataloguing.

The cataloguing fields for all seven screens have been organised in alphabetical order, click on the links below to read the help and field type for the fields:

Fields A-G   

Fields H-P    

Fields R-Z  

Acquisition Records

Acquisition Records hold the acquisition information that relates to one or more objects in a proposed, approved or declined acquisition. All related objects shared the same acquisition information, such as acquisition method, source and date.

Acquisition Record Fields

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