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What is a Community?

A community brings together catalogue records grouped by subject and can be from any number of different accounts in eHive. A community allows you to organise and share content in thematic clusters, such as works by a particular artist, museums in a particular region or archaeological finds from a particular site.

Establishing a Community

You can establish any number of Communities with your eHive account. Once the Community is established other eHive accounts can join and contribute object records to the Community. 

To set up a Community you need to be signed in to eHive.  Click on the Communities link in the Tools section on your home page.  Click on the Establish a Community link and type the Name (the name must be unique - it can't have been used as a Community name already on eHive) and a Description of the community you are creating in the fields provided.  Click on Save. 

Once you have saved the new Community, more fields will appear.  Upload an image for your Community by clicking on the Browse button next to the field.  Please ensure it is no less than 1000 pixels along the longest side, and is a .jpg file.  The Browse button will open a window so you can search the folders on your computer for the image you want to upload or, alternatively, you can type the filepath and filename of the image in the field.  Click on the Save button once again to save the image to the Community.

The Membership by Approval check box enables you to control who can join your Community.  If this box is checked then you will need to approve or decline other eHive users who try to join the Community.  If this box is left unchecked then anybody can join your Community and contribute objects to it.

Manage your communities

To administer communities and manage your community memberships click on the Communities link in the Tools section on your home page when you are signed in to your account.  You will see a list of all of the Communities you have currently joined.  By clicking on the Edit link you have the option of altering details of your membership in this community. This includes setting whether the community is a default publishing location for any objects you publish. 

If you have created the Community you will be able to Maintain the Community.   To approve or decline prospective members of your Community, click on the Maintain link next to the appropriate community on your Communities page.  You can also get to the Maintain Community page by clicking on the Maintain link on the Community profile page.  You will only see this link if you are signed in to eHive and you are looking at a community that you created.  The Tools section on this page will show the number of Pending Members (those who have requested to join your Community and have not yet been approved by you), the number of Approved Members and the number of Declined requests. If there are no members then these links will not appear. 

Click on the Pending Members link, select the checkbox next to each member name and click on the Approve or Decline link in the Tools section.  Remember that the Community Membership by Approval checkbox needs to be checked in order for you to moderate membership to your Community.

Click on the Approved Members link to see a list of all the members that you have already approved for your Community.  You can decline members at any time by ticking the box next to their names and clicking on the Decline link in the Tools section.

Click on the Declined Members link to see a list of all the members that you have declined for your Connumity.  You can approve members at any time by ticking the box next to their names and clicking on the Approve link in the Tools section.

You can also produce an Administration report for your communities by clicking on the Download Administration Report in the Administer Community Tools section. When you click on the Download link you will have the option of saving your report or opening it as a pdf.  The report includes a total for Active members, as well as requests that have been Declined or have Approval Pending.  For each Active member there is also the total number of object records that they have contributed to the community.

Joining a Community

First you'll need to find the community you want to join, either through the Find a Community link on the Communities page linked on your home page, or through the eHive Search page using the Community tab.  To join a community click on the Join link on the detail page for a community. The moderator of the Community may need to approve your request to join, in which case you will receive an email notifying you when the moderator has approved your request.

Contributing Objects to a Community

To contribute your object record to a Community you will first need to join an established Community or establish your own Community.  When you save a catalogue record you will get a pop-up box asking if you would like to make the record public, or add it to any one of the Communities you belong to.  Check the box next to the community or communities you would like the object record to appear on.

You can also decide if you want a Community to become a default publishing location.  Click on the Edit link on the Communities page to see your membership details for a Community.  On this page there is a tickbox next to Include as a default publishing location.  Tick this box if you want to automatically publish to this Community when you save a record.  When you save a record you will still see a list of Communities that you can publish to, but you will need to untick any Communities that you do not wish to publish to.

Leaving a Community

To leave a Community go to the detail page for the appropriate community and click on the Leave link.

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